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21 Best Android Games Under 10MB [Free & Latest Version]


Last updated on July 7, 2020

Get the Top List of Games under 10MB to play with Lowest RAM & Processing Speed on your Android Mobile. Choose the Lowest Storage can be beneficial for mobile with Few resources and it includes less graphics. But if a Developer creates crazy & Entertainment Game under as low as 10MB & 20MB. It is a Biggest Feature to reach more players using different upgraded versions of Smartphones.

Generally, A Game Under 10MB is Quick to download & install, Even play the game with faster processing speed online as it requires less data transfer from server (for Online Games)

As most of the Android gamers are searching for the Small MB Games, we have created a list below, which could help you better find the Best Games that suits your smartphone

A Long Simple List of Games that requires not more than 10Megha Bytes of Storage Space in the Mobile. The Below List of 10 MB Games are Easy to Play without any issues like Phone Struck or Freezing.

21 Best Android Games Under 10MB [Free & Latest Version]

Here you will find a list of 21 Android Games Under 10 MB with best reviews on Gaming experience:

1) Friction

Friction is one of the best Android game under 10 MB. This gameplay is all about to run and jump from one ladder to other ladders. You can control your movement using the keys on your screen and also player should collect orbs and avoid traps. You can survive until you reach the goal.

2) Modern Snipper

Modern Snipper is the best shooter game under 10 MB. Gameplay is about to Shoot Your Enemies with the gun provided. But remember that your enemy also as a gun to kill as you need to survive and then kill the opponent. Modern Snipper as 50 Missions available and also as good graphics in it.

3) Ultimate Mission 2

Ultimate Mission 2 In this game, the player will play as a Super Hero and you need to destroy all Aliens with the weapons given. As you kill the Aliens, you will have to face the boss to win the game. Ultimate Mission 2 provides weapons like Machine Gun, Laser Gun. Firearm, N-Bomb, and also many more.

4) Speed Moto

Speed Moto is the best bike racing game under 10 MB and you need to control the bike in order to reach the destination. Speed Moto provides the gaming controls in your and as you need to move your device sides and then you can accelerate by taping on your screen.

5) Dr. Driving

Dr.Driving is one of the best Car Driving game in which you need to park the car and control your car safely. You will get free old coins in the game if you finish first and you can use those coins in between the games whenever required. These are the best top 5 games to play on your device which are under 10 MB in size. If you have enough space then download all the games on your device and enjoy playing.

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